About Us

Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc. was founded by J. Lindsay Clarkson in 1987.

Learning the trade from his father, after many years of working on his farm, Lindsay decided to venture out on his own with nothing more than a staff of five or six people. Fast forward more than twenty years, and Tuckahoe Nurseries is now the home to a staff of over one hundred and fifty employees. Today, we offer both B & B and containerized material covering over 1500 acres of inventory in NJ. We take pride in our product, as well as the service provided to our much appreciated customers




 Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc. is a full service wholesale nursery providing specimen B&B and Container material. We custom dig each order, and offer the opportunity to work directly with the contractors/architects by allowing the tagging of the requested items. In addition to these services, Tuckahoe Nurseries will arrange and schedule shipping if necessary.  

Terms & Conditions of Sale


Sales:  Our main office in Tuckahoe, New Jersey handles sales & marketing for all locations. To serve you effectively we respectfully request a minimum wholesale order of $2,500.00 for deliveries.  

Prices:  All prices quoted F.O.B. Tuckahoe, New Jersey unless otherwise noted. Prices & availability are subject to change without notice. Quoted prices valid for 90 days from quote inception. Confirmed order pricing valid for 6 months ONLY.

For Tax Exempt Customers: You must provide us with the proper tax exemption form(s) at, or before the time the order is placed.  Please do not wait until after your order has been invoiced. 

Terms of Sale:  Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and business checks.  Tuckahoe Nurseries will open credit accounts with established companies and customers who can provide sufficient credit information and a satisfactory payment history. Credit accounts may be requested at an enforced rate of 1.5% or 18% per annum on all overdue accounts. All checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds will be assessed a $50.00 service charge. If collection is required to enforce customer’s commitment, customer will reimburse Tuckahoe Nurseries Inc. for collection costs including attorney’s fees.  In all states as allowed by law, all sales are due and payable in the Township of Dennis, Cape May County, New Jersey.

Hours of Operation:

Spring & Fall
Monday - Thursday: (7:00AM - 5:00PM) 
Friday: (7:00AM - 4:00PM)

Loading hours for Monday - Friday: (7:00 AM - 3:00 PM) 

Saturday hours: (7:00AM - 12:00 Noon)
Loading hours for Saturday: (7:00AM - 11:00AM)

Monday - Friday: (8:00AM - 4:00PM) 

Ordering, Acknowledgements, & Confirmations

 Orders are accepted and inventory confirmed to those current in their accounts.  All Spring orders must be picked up or shipped by May 1st. Any orders remaining after May 1st will incur a monthly maintenance fee. Processed orders after this date will automatically be cancelled and a 15% re-stocking fee will be applied to your account if no communication is made to our Sales office. 


 All orders being tagged by customers will require a 10% deposit.  The deposit will be taken off the first invoice once the material ships.  If the order is cancelled after tagging has been completed, customer will forfeit the deposit.  If tagged material is pushed to the following seasons, material will be resized and sold at that size to the customer.  All material must be taken before May 15th.  Any material dug and in holding area after this date will lose deposit to a maintenance fee of 10%. 


 We stand behind our plants where a pattern of losses is apparent with a singular variety or size within our nursery.  Claims for non-viability must be presented no later than May 30th of the current season. No warranty is expressed or implied for fall hazard plantings as noted on items in price list. Please refer to the Planting Guide on page 114.  No claim will be honored unless written communication and photos have been received.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Claims for damaged material not evident at time of delivery must be reported via written communication no later than 10 days after receipt of plant material followed with pictures.  All photos must be received within 24 hours of claim receipt.  Plants deemed not acceptable at time of delivery are to remain on the truck.  There will be no claims accepted for freight charges. Under no circumstances shall Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc. be liable for any sum greater than the purchase price of the nursery stock. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE A CLAIM WILL BE ACCEPTED.  

 All issued credits are valid for one season. 

Delivery & Pick-up

 Delivery:  Delivery is made via independent carriers.  Freight charges are due at time of delivery.  Freight charges are subject to change according to current market conditions.  Drivers are not required to assist in unloading.  Drivers charge includes a 4 hour unloading time for a full trailer, after 4 hours (2 hours for a partial trailer) an $85 demurrage fee is assessed by the carrier.  PLEASE NOTE: ONCE A TRAILER IS LOADED FOR DELIVERY, THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING.

For customers who wish to pick-up their own material:  

Please consult with our sales staff to schedule all pick-ups & to confirm the type and size of truck/trailer required. Customers that are picking up must provide their own nursery tarps or suitable coverings to protect the plant material in transit.  We will not consider claims on any material not properly covered for transit.  Orders not picked up within 10 days of the notification date shall be considered to have been cancelled by the customer and a restocking fee of 15% shall be applied to the account. All custom tagging must be completed by April 1st.